My dear students & parents,

I am very happy to welcome you all to the new academic year 2020 - 2021. We are getting ready for another successful academic session. Our school motto is" In Quest of Excellence" In order to achieve this we at school build upon the foundation you have established at home. This should be based on trust, security, faith values, good habits of learning etc. Our school is a vibrant learning community where students, parents and staff play vital roles to guide the children towards success.

Education is undergoing drastic changes under the influence of globalization, information technology and modern means of communication. The world is gradually being reduced to a village and competition is becoming global. It is now recognized that the future of countries lies in their ability to compete in the global market on the basis of knowledge, skills and intellectual capacity. The future of children is to be shaped to bring them up as global citizens.

Our effort in the school is towards this direction. All infra structural facilities needed for this are available in our school. Try to develop good study habits, self learning, positive thinking, good confidence and sharpen your skills. Try to get the best from the school and from your teachers. It is also important for you to become involved in classroom learning and in extra curricular activities outside the classroom.

Mutual respect is important for success in life. Respect yourself, your parents, your teachers, your friends and everyone around you. Your manners matter the most. Ensure proper conduct and behaviour. Try to be regular and punctual in class, as attendance has a direct link with academic success.

Work hard to build a good foundation from the school for your future success and strive for perfection in whatever you do. Seek help and guidance from your teachers and parents and make yourself a beer person confident enough to face the challenges of the modern world.

My best wishes for a fruitful academic year. May you do well and achieve the best.

Affectionately yours,

Mrs. Syeda Kouser Banu

M.A., M.Ed., Principal & HOI

7th year of Academic Excellence Established in the year 2014 - 15