(Kindergarten Section)

Mon, Tues, Thurs & Friday : Regular Uniform with Tie, Belt & I.D. Card.

Wednesday & Saturday : Sports Uniform with ID Card.

(Grade I - VII)

Monday - Friday :Regular Uniform with Blazers, Tie, Belt & ID Card.

Saturday :White Uniform with Blazers, Tie, Belt & ID Card.

Grade V & VII Girls : Long Kurtha & Trouser with Blazer


Boys : Military Cut Only.

Girls : Long hair should be tied into two plaits short hair should be pinned properly only black hair band / Black pins on regular Uniform.


  • School has facility for school uniforms, books (text & note) to maintain the uniformity in the school.
  • Wearing of the school uniform is obligatory. Every student should be presented in the school, in clean and neat uniform. For this purpose, the student must be provided with minimum three pairs of school uniform, shoes should be polished and socks should be washed daily.
  • The white uniform is replaced by Track pants with House colour T-shirts which will be worn on Wednesdays and Saturdays. by kindergarten students.
  • Wearing of Ornaments: No ornaments/ jewellery whatsoever are to be worn by the students except for small earrings (tops). In case of any loss of valuables, the school will not be responsible.
  • Hair Style: Boys' hair must be properly cut and trimmed. Girls having short hair must make two ponytails with black ribbon and those with very short hair must use a black hair band. Girls with long hair, must tie two plaits with black ribbon.
  • Nails must be short and clean. Nails should not be painted.
  • No use of mehendi is allowed on hand, palms, feet etc, during the school days.
  • The school ID card is provided by the school and the students have to wear it everyday.
  • No money should be given to children during the school days. Any exception needs Principal’s permission.

7th year of Academic Excellence Established in the year 2014 - 15