Transportation Guidelines

  • Students from Pre-KG & I to VII can avail the School bus facility on payment of specific charges, The details of the same are available In the School Office.
  • Students must board and alight only at the point agreed upon. Change of Bus route will be permited only In the case of the transfer of residence. Temporary change of bus stop will not by permitted.
  • Students have to keep the School bus timings and should wait at the door side of the bus to board in the morning. The School bus will not wait to collect students who are late.
  • The School bus facility is only for students of HMPS and school personal, parents/Guardians are not allowed to accompany the children to the School by School bus.
  • Parents of small children shall accompany the child and help the child board the Bus in the morning and receive them In the evening. They are requested to the bus timings.
  • Parents are requested to educate the children in matters of road safety; and show them the right example when using the road or driving a vehicle. Parents are requested to note down the driver's name and contact number.
  • Students who come by private / own transport must reach the school 5 minutes before first bell and leave the campus just after the last bell.
  • In case the bus fails to run due to technical reasons, parents are expected to make alternate arrangement to send the student to School. If there is an unexpected delay, kindly call the School Office/Bus Driver and ensure the service of the School Bus.
  • If any ward wishes to discontinue the School Bus facility, one month notice is requested for the same and the discontinue shall be effective only from the beginning of a month. An application must be -tendered in the School Office for the Same.
  • In case of any unexpected delay in bus Pick/UP/Drop timings the school will send a message accordingly.


  • Arrive 5 minutes earlier to the Bus Pick Point.
  • No Fighting, pushing, teasing, picking the other students.
  • No Eating (Candy, Gum and Drinks).
  • No Horse Playing or Moving Seats.
  • No Throwing objects or Papers.
  • No Screaming or Loud Talking.
  • No Talking at railroad crossings.
  • Do not distract the attention of Driver.
  • Do not use rough language.
  • Do not write or damage the seats in anyway.
  • No doing Homework in the bus.
  • Check your belongings before you leave the bus.
  • Say Good Morning and Good bye to the Driver.
  • Share your seat.
  • Treat others the way you want to be treated.


  • No Standing while the Bus in Motion.
  • Face the Front all the times.
  • Keep the Bus clean.
  • Keep the Hands and Head inside the bus.
  • Put your books , bags under the seat in front of you.
  • Follow the line while getting in and getting out of the bus.
  • Dont enter or jump from the Bus before it stops.
  • If necessary, raise your hand and call the driver immediately for help.

7th year of Academic Excellence Established in the year 2014 - 15